The seniority in JTO cadre 1:1 case, pending for verdict at Honorable HC, Ernakulam was taken for clarifications today as per request from BSNL side. It's postponed to tomorrow for want of presence of advocates.

GS AIGETOA met Director HR and apprised her about the apprehensions of the applicants. GS emphasised that if BSNL takes care of the apprehensions of the DRs across various batches and ensures that all the available vacancies are filled up, then only some break through can be achieved.

Thereafter, GS AIGETOA met Jt GM Pers and apprised him of the developments. He requested that it's high time for BSNL to be categorical in court with regard to the proposed approach of BSNL so that all the apprehensions related with it in various minds can be quelled.

AIGETOA has requested management as well as petitioners to take a pragmatic approach so that promotions can be ensured for all and interests of everybody remains protected.