Final struggle or winding up of AIGETOA - Let us prepare for either of one

Since the joining of our new CMD in Jan-2015 and then new Director (HR), this association has maintained all the cordial relationship for amicable resolution of our very genuine issues in respect of pay, promotion and pension which are not only our basic rights but it is our basic needs also. This association had high hope with present CMD and Director (HR) being already absorbed executives of this company and supported whole heartedly their every move for well being of company. one side we had been receiving assurances from CMD and Director, other side big conspiracy were played to ruin our career and future. Unfortunately, In the tenure of our new CMD and Director (HR) our situation has become more worst. Pay scale of JTO/JAO degraded to E1 from E1A, DGM appointment is processed from among external candidates stopping result of more talented internal candidates, notified MT recruitment, superannuation benefit has been held up and most importantly tried to crush the voice by serving letter to our GS in his individual name with full of false allegations.


Our issues are pending not because of lack of justification and documents but it is pending simply because it involve some financial burden and resolution of these issues may flash negative balance sheet in tenure of our new CMD and Directors. Another most important reason is disunity among direct recruits. AIGETOA has only 3000 paid members out of 13000 direct recruits and rest are being used by other executives associations for vote bank. In this situation, this association is not in the position to fight with system having full of vested interest.


This association is shortly going to held CEC cum special General Body Meeting at Delhi where decision for winding up or final struggle before winding up this association will be taken. This all depends on the commitment of all direct recruits irrespective of their attachments with associations. Branch representatives must start taking views of direct recruits of their area. Before taking any such decision one final meeting will be tried with CMD and Director (HR) by all the representatives of the association during the CEC cum special General Body Meeting at Delhi.