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Here we aim to provide information about the members contribution towards AIGETOA to build a prosperous BSNL for mutual and collective gains, welfare and to work hand in hand to continue to uphold the global position of the organisation as a market leader. You will find here communication issued by the executive body, Annual report, member's list abridged entitlements at a glance picture gallery etc.

This site covers only the work of the AIGETOA .

Post and Telegharph has started in India as early as 1851. In various phases it has now been transformed into BSNL which came into being on 1st October 2000. The first batch of DR GE JTO (Class-II) was directly recruited in the year 2001 through the All India examination conducted by BSNL.

The officers were recruited in three different ways: - 
1)  Officers directly recruited as J.T.O.(Class-II) Officers through the All India examination 
2)  Absorbed JTO who were previously working in DOT
3)  TTA promoted to Class-II grade through seniority cum fitness or LICE. 

With the passage of time, there was birth of many discrepancies in HR policies related to DR GEs. And to protect the rights of DR GEs there was a need of association. On 2005 some of the DR GEJTOS met and led the foundation of AIGETOA. This is a comprehensive portal for DR GEs, which is one of the premier cadre of BSNL. The portal had a modest beginning in 2006 when the AIGETOA introduced it with the limited idea of providing web based facility for updating news related to DR GE in real time. This website was named www.aigetoachq.org. In later years, the portal came to be used as a notice board where Administrative Orders, Circulars and Notifications concerning GEs were placed on the website. This proved to be an efficient means of communicating with GEs across India. Realising the advantages of having a comprehensive and accurate database of GEs, the AIGETOA decided to create a dedicated Database Cell under the supervision of Shri Pavan Akhand, AGS. During months of 2015 a massive exercise was undertaken and finally this website in new form came into existence in 2016




Standard IDA pay scale E2 for JTOs and E3 for SDEs  >>>>Click for Detail>>>


No recruitment of MTs above Direct Recruits JTO/JAO at any cost.  >>>>Click for Detail>>>


 No recruitment of DGMs from outside at any cost.  >>>>Click for Detail>>>>


Implementation of Superannation benefit in totality i.e. 30% of Basic + DA >>>>Click for Detail>>>>


Implementation of CPSU cadre heirarchy at par with other CPSEs. >>>>Click for Detail>>>>