All BSNL Recruits are requested to kindly fill the Nomination form for Superannuation Pension Scheme...

AIGETOA Circulars

    • Update on SAB Contribution :

      2018-03-23 13:22:48

      It is reliably learnt that arrears of SAB contribution for additional 2% has been given to Fund manager LIC . Now SAB contribution @5% is made for every BSNL recruitee for taking care of our post retirement life. AIGETOA will try its level best to get our balance SAB contribution to secure the BR post retirement life.

    • Congratulations !!! Inter circle transfer (Rule-8) order issued in the cadre of JTO

      2018-03-19 13:02:15

      Congratulations comrades !!!.. Gujarat Circle Administration issued another order for the Inter circle transfer (Rule-8) for JTOs.

      AIGETOA Gujarat thanx to CGMT and Sr.GM Admin for their positive gesture. Click here for the order.


      2018-03-17 11:35:02

      GS shri Ravi Shil Verma, AGS Shri S K pathak, VP Shri Vivek Kr Singh and SNEA President Shri A A Khan met GM restructuring and apprised him of the developments with respect to the data pertaining to the executives. It was highlighted that with the active involvement of BSNL recruited executives, data has been prepared and sent to Restructuring cell. It was informed by GM restructuring that the data as in the format required by insurance agencies has been forwarded to them and their quotation is expected shortly. Once the quotation is received, the action on the same shall be taken. CHQ and its team is following the matter closely and we expect positive resolution very soon.

    • Extension of benefits to Direct Recruit JEs also Selected As JTO(T) through GATE

      2018-03-15 13:30:21

      BSNL CO clarified that such JEs who have been appointed as JTOs, may be paid salary of the previous post during their pre-appointment training in JTO (T) cadre.   View letter

    • GS AIGETOA adresses at Sanchar Bhavan - Krantikaari Speech

      2018-03-01 17:22:00



      2018-03-01 14:45:13

      The meeting with respect to sorting out the ambiguity with respect to footnote-2 of schedule IA of MS RR was held today. The meeting was attended by GS Shri Ravi Shil Verma, Dy GS Shri Wasi Ahmad, AGS Shri S K Pathak, Legal Committee member Shri Ansal Mohammad, Shri Jay Murugan, Circle President Chennai, on behalf of AIGETOA, Shri Shilahu Rao on behalf of another applicant Shri Thirumurugan.

      Today's meeting went with positive note on our claim w.r.t MSRR footnote-2. Once again it's proved that it's AIGETOA only raising the voice for genuine rights of BRs in BSNL. We explained our concerns without any ambiguity and submitted our apprehensions . Management was very much receptive in their approach and expressed that the points we put forth are definitely in line with MSRR and these will be examined by the committee.

      We highlighted before the committee that time line directed by the court is already over and it's time for BSNL to let us know about the decision.

      We also emphasised upon the committee members that BSNL is not doing justice to the BSNL recruited executives by stagnating them on the same post for years. It's time to extend justice to the BSNL recruits.

      Committee members emphasised that they have called us to know about our expectations and they will submit the report very soon after examining the finer points.


      2018-03-01 11:31:23

      Flash News : The contempt petition for standard pay scale came up for hearing at Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh. The case is adjourned for arguments on 10th April 2018. Our submissions with reference to Personal affidavit filed by Secretary DoT has been taken on record.

    • AIGETOA Ahmedabad successfully conducted AGM at Ahmedabad

      2018-02-27 14:07:20


      AIGETOA Ahmedabad team has successfully organized Annual General Meeting at Ahmedabad. An election was conducted for the new governing body of AIG Ahmedabad.

      Following office bearers are unanimously elected for the new govenrning body of AIGETOA Ahmedabad District.



      Name of Office bearer

      Mobile No.


      District President

      Sh. Pradip Parmar



      District Vice President

      Sh. Amit J Patel



      District Secretary

      Sh. Jayesh Solanki



      Asst. District Secretary

      Sh. Ravishankar Shukla



      District Finance Secretary

      Sh. Sugat Shakya



      2018-02-23 15:16:33

      The massive march of All Unions and Associations of BSNL to SANCHAR BHAWAN will start from BSNL Corporate Office / Eastern Court at 11:00 am on dated 23.02.2018.

      All members are requested to arrive on scheduled time to become part of the HISTORIC MARCH to SANCHAR BHAWAN.


      2018-02-23 14:56:20

      Flash News :

      Hon'ble MOSC(I/C) has fixed up a meeting with the representatives of All Unions/Associations of BSNL on 24.02.2018 [Saturday] at 12.30 Hrs. to discuss the demands.


      2018-02-23 14:54:13

      BSNL CO issued instruction regarding Nomination under Superannuation Pension Scheme for directly recruited BSNL employees. Click here for the letter


      2018-02-22 16:54:00

      BSNL CO calls to present Association's point examine the ambiguity in footnote-2 :

      BSNL CO calls AIGETOA to present association's point of concern before the committee constituted to examine the ambiguity in footnote-2 below schedule 1A of MS RR 2009 as per direction of Hon'ble High Court of Madras vide order dated 02-11-2017 in WP no 9300/2011 filed by AIGETOA and others.

      Click here for the letter

    • Brief update on the JTO RR-14 case filed at Ernakulam :

      2018-02-17 14:22:54

      It is a well known fact that JTO RR -14 was made with an intention to degrade the JTO cadre with regard to Pay & Status. AIGETOA was the only association which opposed this degradation. While AIGETOA wanted to incorporate E2 for JTOs, all others agreed for E1 and thus officially JTOs scale was degraded to E1A to E1.

      Soon after, AIGETOA filed a legal suit at Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam and started fight for pay and status protection of JTO Cadre through legal means also.

      We were able to get stay from Hon'ble Ernakulam CAT on Clasue -10 of JTO RR Which states retrospective implementation of Pay & Status of already recruited JTOs can't be made effective.

      Thereafter, we filed another rejoinder in the same case for getting the direction of the court for upgrading E-2 Scale for JTOs in JTO RR 2014 also as BSNL has approved E-2 scales for JTO/JAO/Equivalent.

      Presently, reply of BSNL is awaited on our rejoinder to get the E2 scale which will be beneficial for entire JTO batches (especially all JTO batches from 2007 onwards including latest LICE JTOs of 2013,14 and DR JTO 2017).

      We will continue to fight for the status of the Cadre and ensure that E2 scales becomes a reality for the JTO/JAO/Equivalent.

      The cases filed at Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh and Hon'ble Ernakulam CAT are very crucial for obtaining E2 Scale for all JTOs.

      The cases may take some time but we are very sure that our contention for E2 Scale for JTO/JAO/Equivalent Cadre and E3 for SDE/AO/Equivalent Cadre has merit and we will come up with flying colours.

      We seek the support of all in this endeavour.

    • Notice for the 4th Annual General Meeting of AIGETOA Ahmedabad District

      2018-02-15 12:31:33


      As per the provision in the constitution of AIGETOA, 4th Annual Ggeneral Meeting of AIGETOA Ahmedabad District is to be held on 25th February, 2018 at Ahmedabad.

      All the Circle & District Office bearers/representatives & members are requested to attend the AGM.

      AGM Notification of AIGETOA Ahmedabad District. Click here for the letter

    • Circle Secretary AIG Gujarat writes to General Secretary AIG CHQ

      2018-02-09 17:43:12

      Circle Secretary AIG Gujarat has written a detail letter to General Secreatary AIG CHQ regarding discripency observed in the SDE Seniority List No.8 published by BSNL Corporate Office on 14.03.2016.


      2018-02-08 13:02:56

      Legal Battle for Pending justified SAB Benefits for BSNL Recruits

      AIGETOA Members filed a legal suit requesting for the long pending SAB benefits for BSNL recruits at Honourable CAT, Ernakulam.

      The grievances are related to the denial of superannuation benefits in BSNL in line with the directions of DPE/DoT - Govt of India i.e. 30 Percent SAB from date of joining and creation of Post Retirement Medical Benefit Fund as defined contribution

      The case came up for hearing today and the respondents have been directed to file their reply.

      Our association was continuously pointing that, in CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 Rule 37A - Sub Rule (23) clearly states that BSNL shall devise it own pension scheme and make arrangements for funding and disbursing the pensionary benefits for its directly recruited employees. This was denied till 5/5/2016 and then only a part is allowed (3%) further a mere increase to (2%) from 1/4/2017, due to various organisational efforts from this association, in tandem with others. It is worth mentioning here that the BSNL recruited employees, who are recruited as Public Sector employees, has administrative and service guidelines different from that of DoT absorbees.

      The second PRC streamlined the Super annuation Benefits as defined contribution to 30% of Basic + DA and salary package implementation in a stage wise manner where retiral benefits stand above Perks & allowance realisation. In BSNL the defined Contribution towards SAB was confined to 16.8% - i.e.12% towards EPF and 4.8% towards gratuity initially and has been enhanced now with 5% as Pension scheme called Superannuation Fund - which should be effectively from date of joining. Astonishingly, rest 8.2% is still in darkness. The matter was, therefore, being taken up continuously by AIGETOA alone from the Day-1 and collectively further, still we have miles to go to get the things in true spirit. In between, many of BR brotheren met untimely death, without the rightful due realisation which is very much painful to each one of us.

      We are sure that the legal battle along with organisational support from each of BSNL recruits and our well wishers will lead us to the accomplishment of genuine rights which has been delayed badly.

      The PRMB envisaged in line with SAB, should be a defined contribution scheme - which BSNL is yet to create.The defined contribution scheme is the way to ensure the delinking from company status/health wrt to employee retiral life.

      The fight is to provide for 30% of the basic pay + Dearness Allowance towards the superannuation benefits head viz EPF, Gratuity, PRMB and Pension scheme as defined contribution with effect from the date of joining of the respective for BSNL recruits; We Appeal all BSNL recruits to be a part of this unified battle in the respective fronts.



      2018-02-08 13:01:41

      GS writes to Director (HR) for implementation of Group Term Insurance (GTI) on PAN India Basis for BSNL employees - MP model may be followed for implementation across India. Click here for the letter


      2018-02-06 11:03:24

      All Union and Association Meeting with Hon'ble Minister : A meeting of all associations and unions with the Hon'ble Minister is fixed at 5 pm tomorrow, at Minister's residence (No. 1, Motilal Nehru Road). General Secretary Shri Ravi Shil Verma shall be attending the meeting on behalf of AIGETOA. A memorandum will also be submitted by the association and unions to the Hon'ble minister.

    • GS Writes to DIRECTOR HR

      2018-02-06 10:56:21

      For immediate settlement of pending issues of 2nd PRC of Pay Scale, Pay Parity, and 30 Percent SAB. Click here for the letter.


      Step Motherly treatment being meted to executives who have successfully passed the JTO to SDE LDCE exams conducted by the department from time to time. Click here for the letter

    • Another Inter circle transfer (Rule-8) order issued in the cadre of JTO

      2018-02-03 18:19:52

      Congratulations comrades !!!..

      After our continuous pursuation... Gujarat Circle Administration issued another order of Inter circle transfer (Rule-8) for 23 JTOs.

      AIGETOA Gujarat thanx to CGMT and Sr.GM Admin for their positive gesture.

      Click here for Rule-8 order