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AIGETOA Circulars

    • GS letter for grave injustice in intra circle transfers in Gujarat Circle :

      2018-08-17 13:12:49

      GS writes to GM (SR) BSNL CO regarding the grave injustice done to finance executives of Gujarat Circle in intra circle transfers. Click here for GS letter

    • CS AIGETOA Gujarat writes to CSs of Executive Association of Guj

      2018-08-13 17:17:57

      CS AIGETOA Gujarat writes to CSs of Executive Association of Gujarat Circle giving a call for united actoins against gross injustice done to executives of finance wing. Click here for Letter

    • CS AIGETOA Gujarat writes to CGM Gujarat for Transfer issues Finance wing

      2018-08-06 16:53:34

      CS AIGETOA Gujarat writes to CGM Gujarat Circle for Transfer issues of executives of Finance wing of Gujarat circle. Click here for the Letter

    • CS AIGETOA Gujarat writes to PGM Finance for HR issues

      2018-07-30 12:21:32

      CS AIGETOA Gujarat writes to PGM Finance, Gujarat for various HR issues of executives of Gujarat circle. Click here for the Letter

    • CS AIGETOA Gujarat writes to CGM Gujarat for HR issues

      2018-07-20 11:33:35

      CS AIGETOA Gujarat writes to CGM Gujarat for various HR issues of executives of Gujarat circle. Click here for the Letter.

    • Meeting with LIC on Group Term Insurance (GTI) :

      2018-04-24 15:10:03

      GS Joint Forum leaders (GSs of SNEA and AIGETOA, President/SNEA and AGS/AIGETOA) held discussions on 23.04.18 with LIC on Group Term Insurance to BSNL Executives. The tentative quote given by LIC is exorbitantly high. The premium quoted by others is very less comparing to LIC. We negotiated for a competitive rate matching with others. After lot of discussions, LIC agreed to reexamine the rates with uniform coverage of 50 lakhs for all the Executives.a

    • Joint Forum writes to CMD BSNL regarding pay disparity issue

      2018-04-21 11:28:34

      Joint Forum writes to CMD BSNL regarding redressal of pay disparity issue of JTOs/JAOs recruited post 01.01.2007. Click here for letter


      2018-04-20 14:53:05

      Today GS and Advisor HQ met GM (Pers) and discussed about SDE-RR amendment notification and preparation of MC note for promotion. GM (Pers) told that prospective SDE-RR amendment will be notified shortly. On MC note for promotions, GM (Pers) informed that MC note is being prepared and it is expected to put up the same for approval of Management Committee in next MC meeting. We requested GM (Pers) that the promotions has been pending for a very long time and henceforth any further delay should be avoided. it should also be ensured that proposal should be put up in such a way that promotion should not face hurdles anymore in BSNL. GM (Pers) assured that management also wants to issue promotion orders expeditiously and all efforts shall be taken to ensure that promotion orders can be issued soon.


      2018-04-20 14:52:14

      Dear all,

      Congratulations. The consistent efforts of association has at last given some fruits with respect to notification of SDE RR amendment. It is learnt that CMD BSNL has approved notification of SDE RR amendment from the prospective effect. This is one more step in the direction of promotion orders notification of LDCE promotion orders. For the notification of SDE RR amendment with retrospective effect, The case shall be submitted for consideration of the management committee shortly.

      With the notification of SDE RRs, the major hurdle in the direction of promotion shall be over. However the job is still half done. Till promotion orders are not issued, we can not be complacent.

      It's been the consistent endeavour of AIGETOA to keep the issues pertaining to BSNL recruits alive. 

      Just remember Together We Can..


      2018-04-20 14:50:28

      Meeting with the Committee on Group Term Insurance (GTI) on 13.04.2018:

      GS AIGETOA and GS SNEA met the Committee on Group Term Insurance for further discussions on the matter. The committee members GM(Restg), GM(Estt), GM(SR) and DGM(Restg) were present in the meeting. Detailed discussions held on the tentative quote given by LIC and SBI Life. Since the rates quoted seems to be high, it is decided to hold further discussions with LIC and SBI Life, next week itself. All efforts will be made to get competitive rates by this month end and it will be made known to all the Executives. They will be given one opportunity to opt out of the scheme. The rates quoted will be valid only if at least 80% of the Executives opting for the same.



      2018-04-20 14:47:16

      DoPT 1:1 case :

      Hon'ble HC Ernkulam heard once again the details of the 1:1 seniority case today. From DR applicants side Sr Advocate fielded the arguments. After hearing all, Hon'ble court directed for Final judgement to be pronounced on 23/5/2018.

      Due to the continued follow-up by AIGETOA at all levels, the long pending decision for 1:1 seniority in JTO cader which is justified right of Direct recruits will see the light of the day.

      Judgement on this case will pave the way for promotions for DR executives across different batches. It is due to the consistent follow up of AIGETOA, BSNL was compelled to file MA for early pronouncement of Judgement. Now we can hope for the end of this deadlock.

      Our follow up on LDCE and DPC for promotions from JTO to SDE cadre are continued and we assure all DRs that AIGETOA will not rest till all BSNL recruits get their due right.

      Let's us all keep ourselves united and dedicated for the Cadre.

      LDCE-15 Early posting Case :

      This case is postponed to be heard after holidays. Hon Court will close for holidays from tomorrow and will reopen on 22 May 2018.

      Meantime our CHQ team is actively pursuing at Corporate office for early issuance of promotion orders.


      2018-04-20 14:45:11

      The seniority in JTO cadre 1:1 case, pending for verdict at Honorable HC, Ernakulam was taken for clarifications today as per request from BSNL side. It's postponed to tomorrow for want of presence of advocates.

      GS AIGETOA met Director HR and apprised her about the apprehensions of the applicants. GS emphasised that if BSNL takes care of the apprehensions of the DRs across various batches and ensures that all the available vacancies are filled up, then only some break through can be achieved.

      Thereafter, GS AIGETOA met Jt GM Pers and apprised him of the developments. He requested that it's high time for BSNL to be categorical in court with regard to the proposed approach of BSNL so that all the apprehensions related with it in various minds can be quelled.

      AIGETOA has requested management as well as petitioners to take a pragmatic approach so that promotions can be ensured for all and interests of everybody remains protected.


      2018-04-11 14:10:43

      GS Ravi Shil Verma met GM Pers today and discussed on the following issues :

      SDE RR : File has been submitted for notification of SDE RR Amendment based on the earlier approval of Management Committee.
      It need not be sent to MC again and shall be notified based on administrative approval.

      Promotions under LDCE quota : MC note in this regard shall be presented for the approval of the management committee in next meeting.

      Compliance of Directions of Hon'ble High Court with regard to relaxation in footnote-II of MS RR : BSNL shall be submitting its compliance shortly.

    • Update on Standard Pay Scale Court Case :

      2018-04-10 22:58:38

      The contempt petition case pertaining to implementation of Standard Pay Scales in BSNL came for hearing today at Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh. Hon'ble Court after hearing the arguments disposed off the Contempt Petition citing Limited scope in case of Contempt Petition with a liberty for applicants to file fresh OA to challenge legality of Notification issued by DoT.

      AIGETOA shall be shortly filing the fresh petition as per the directions of Hon'ble Court.

    • UPDATE ON COURT CASE on applicability of MSRR Footnote

      2018-04-10 11:28:34

      Hon'ble Madras High Court had given a verdict to consider the qualification in Higher promotions and implement the orders in three months, but Management failed to comply/implement in given time of 3 months. Regarding above a notice has been issued by lawyer to apex of Management for implementing of the same as early as possible to avoid contempt of court.

    • JF writes to GM (Res) for GTI :

      2018-04-10 10:26:49

      JF writes to GM (Restructing) CO BSNL regarding implementation of Group Insurance scheme (GTI) on PAN India basis for BSNL Executives- request for providing the data to LIC, Bhopal division which was instrumental in implementation of Group Insurance Scheme in MP Circle for expediting the same. Click here for letter


      2018-04-10 10:25:24

      GS AIGETOA writes to Director (HR) for issuance of promotion orders for JTO (T) to SDE(T) under LDCE quota. Click here for letter.

      For Support Documents Click here.


      2018-04-10 10:24:27

      GS and VP HQ met Director HR and discussed over the issue of pending promotions. We submitted the recent promotion Orders of Railways and requested Director HR to instruct the Personal Cell to process the pending promotion orders immediately as the continued delay in promotions is consistently creating a sense of unrest and animosity towards each other. Hon'ble Director told that She has instructed the Personal Wing to examine the orders and take necessary action. Director HR emphasised that She is also concerned about the promotion issue and all necessary actions shall be initiated to get the promotions issued at the earliest. We also discussed about the possibility of exploring the options for making MP circle nodal circle for all India for implementation of Group Term Insurance PAN India. We told that we have discussed the matter with LIC officials of MP and they are willing to extend the facility to all the executives of BSNL. We requested Director HR to direct the concerned section dealing with the case to process it urgently. We apprised Director HR about the untimely demise of Three DR executives and told that immediate implementation of social security measures like Group Term Insurance is an absolute necessity. Director HR assured for an expeditious action on the same.


      2018-04-10 10:21:51

      Joint Forum leaders consisting of GS, VP, AGS AIGETOA and GS, AGS SNEA met GM (Restructuring) and discussed the development of Group Term Insurance on Pan India basis. It was informed that quote from LIC is expected in this week. BSNL and JF team both are pursuing with LIC for giving the quotes early. We are pursuing for GTI at all India level to get the lowest premium. We discussed about exploring the option to get the plan implemented through MP Telecom Circle by making it as nodal circle for implementation across India as Delhi office of LIC is taking Time. We have discussed the matter with LIC MP team also and they have requested for the complete data pertaining to BSNL Executives.

      We requested GM Restructuring to discuss with LIC Delhi as well as MP team so that GTI comes in place in shortest time. GM restructuring assured for the same.

    • Update on SAB Contribution :

      2018-03-23 13:22:48

      It is reliably learnt that arrears of SAB contribution for additional 2% has been given to Fund manager LIC . Now SAB contribution @5% is made for every BSNL recruitee for taking care of our post retirement life. AIGETOA will try its level best to get our balance SAB contribution to secure the BR post retirement life.